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Half-Marathon Training Week 1 July 6, 2010

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So I decided that I would sign up for the women’s half-marathon on September 25 in Nashville. I have thought about it on and off and just joined a running group in my town who is currently training for the event, so I think that sort of spurred me on. The training plan which I found on Runner’s World called for 2 easy miles today. My intent was 3 miles, but for some reason my calves were so sore and tight that I barely eeked out 2.5 miles.  I had to stop and stretch twice and that helped slightly, but my calves still burned very badly and I ran through constant pain. I’m headed out again tomorrow morning, so hopefully my legs will feel better then.


One Response to “Half-Marathon Training Week 1”

  1. Be careful with that pain! Make sure to listen to what your body wants! But def good for you for signing up for a half mari!!

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