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Great Race, New PR for me September 26, 2010

Filed under: half-marathon,Running — tiffers81 @ 2:13 pm

Early this morning I set out to run the Women’s Half-Marathon in Nashville. It was the inaugural race, so I was definitely excited to be a part of that.

The weather was cooler than it has been, so that was nice for a change, but once I started running multiple miles and the sun came out, I definitely heated up. I planned to start out slower than usual and work up to a faster pace.  My pace actually ended up being al over the place, with 1 mile at 10:42, another at 10:11, and a few in the 12s. Overall though, I accomplished what I set out to, which was to complete it faster than I ran my first half-marathon last November, and I DID, by 11 minutes. My overall time was 2:33:40 which I don’t think is bad for a relative newbie, :).

The expo gave out very cute shirts too which I will definitely wear on my training runs in the future, which is a nice change from some of the shirts I have seen.

One of the mistakes I made for my first one was eating basically no breakfast (a slice of ww toast with a slather of pb), so I didn’t make the same one this time. For dinner the night before, I ate spaghetti and a few meatballs and tried to finish my bowl (restaurant serving), but I managed to eat about 2/3 of it before I was very full.

This morning, I ate a cinnamon raisin bagel with roughly 1 1/2 Tbs. pb and I feel like that held me over pretty well. I downed a pack of powergel chews on the run as well along with lots of water.

Overall, I am very happy with my performance and have realized that proper fueling and hydration is more important than I ever thought it would be. I definitely have more to learn and will keep looking for the perfect fit for me.

What fuels you before a long race/run?


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