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Lazy Days September 30, 2010

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Since the half-marathon on Saturday, I have been lazy about working out/getting to the gym, or rather haven’t, haha. I’ve been meaning to in my mind, but then I start on the mounds of schoolwork I have to do and clean the house from top to bottom, then its time for hubby to come home.

For the next month, I am spending as much time with him as possible, as he leaves at the beginning of November for a long year away.

The day began with about a 1.5 mile dogwalk for Aspen, then I came back home to have 2 scrambled eggs in a ww tortilla topped with my favorite salsa.  I am not a fan of store bought salsas at all, they always taste really sweet or have the consistency of ketchup, but this one is out of this world. The brand is La Sabrozita and it can be found in what they term the ethnic aisle at the grocery store. It is the closest thing to home unless I make it homemade.

I made it to the gym before my class today and I was that I at least got some sort of workout in. It was compromised of :

2 miles on the treadmil @ 11:15 pace & then 25 minutes of intervals on the elliptical(I just chose the variety workout and went after it).


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