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Up and At ‘Em Early October 13, 2010

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The last thing I wanted to do this morning was run,  but I knew I had a long day of school ahead and wasn’t sure if I would feel up to it when I got home this afternoon. So, I made a decision: get up at 5:15 and head out on my 5 miler, which actually happened. A lot of times I tell myself the night before that I will get up early to run in the morning and it never happens. But I did it, slowly, but done. My total time was 58:40, 11:44 mile, but you can’t always have a PR, right?


Embarrassing to Admit October 9, 2010

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Back in the day, well, back before we got married 3 years ago, I used to weight train rougly 4 days a week and get in cardio 5 days a week, I had a lot of time on my hands not working or going to school. In essence, I used to do it all, besides just the mostly cardio that I do now. I do have a weight lifting routine that I have been attempting to follow since August and have done it a few times with minimal soreness.

I headed to the gym yesterday to do my 3 mile run @ race pace, which did happen, 10:47 mile pace and also did a routine for the chest.  I woke up this morning and can’t even hoist myself out of bed or even lift my arms, holy soreness. I really can’t believe the 4 (count them, 4) exercises I did yesterday made me this sore. I’m pretty sure that is a sign that I need to get back into the weightroom to redeem myself, haha.


Time is Dwindling Down October 6, 2010

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My intention is not to make this a sad and solemn post, but I just wanted everyone to know what has been on my mind lately, my husband’s deployment. As it approaches, you realize exactly how much time you have and how many weekends you have left, ugh. The good part is that you do have the time, but the bad part is that you can count the weekends on one hand.

Time is also dwindling down to the Rock N Roll San Antonio Half-Marathon that I am registered to run with my mom.  Though I can’t say exact dates, my husband is scheduled to leave very close to that date, so what is a girl to do? I made a promise that I would run the half with my mom, which is the reason why she even registered for it in the first place. If he leaves a few days beforehand, it will be no big deal and I will just hop on the plane, but if not, do I want to just wait and see or do what I had planned to do and say goodbye before I head to the race?

Those are just some of my thoughts. Aside from that, staying very busy with school and trying to eat as healthy as possible, as always, haha.