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Moving Right Along September 27, 2011

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There are many things for me to be excited for at this point in time:

#1 My husband, whom I have not seen since May for R&R, comes home in October.

#2 Sydney’s arrival is roughly 7 weeks.

#3 Purchasing her crib, mattress, bedding, etc.

After many months of being stressed out about the pregnancy, I can finally get excited about meeting her and knowing that I have made it this far. I started my birthing classes a few weeks ago and on our third night of class (which was last night), we took a tour of the hospital. I had never been in the mother/baby side or in the labor/delivery area. It was very nice inside and it makes me excited to arrive there sometime in November. We walked past the nursery and saw 4 newborn babies in there and as I looked into the window, my eyes just started welling up with tears. I cannot wait to see Sydney for the first time and I know that Ralph and I both will be just huge balls of mush the first time that we look at her.

Everything is going good with me so far. I have my 33 week doctor’s appt. on Thursday and after this appt., I start coming in every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, and then every week from then on until I give birth. I’m excited to have more frequent appointments again because I love to hear her heartbeat and always like to know that she is doing well. When I first got pregnant, I got spoiled by seeing the doctor and having ultrasounds every 2 weeks from 5 weeks until 12 weeks.



Pregnant Zumba? September 15, 2011

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If anyone knows me, they know that I love training for half-marathons as well as my beloved Zumba classes. Throughout this pregnancy I have been very cautious and have basically just walked and lifted light weights. I saw the ad for the Zumba Exhilarate on TV and decided to order it. I figure that I won’t have quite as much free time to make it to the gym once Sydney is born and having the DVDs at home would be a great way for me to still get my Zumba on while embracing motherhood. The package arrived in the mail yesterday and I tried the Zumba Accelerate DVD today. Before I got pregnant, I could Zumba for hours on end. Today was a different story. I managed to keep up with the DVD, but became light-headed and worn out after about 25 minutes, boo….  I guess it is better than nothing though.

As I was dancing around, I thought to myself, I wonder what I look like in my sports bra and capri tights with my belly hanging out doing the salsa, haha. I have to say though, that so far, I am really liking this set and feel that it is worth every penny. I plan to finish the DVD on Saturday and test out some of the others in the next few weeks.

Pregnancy Update:

31 weeks

Weight gained: 15 pounds

I have noticed within just the past few days that my feet are definitely swelling. I try to drink as much water as I can and put my feet up whenever possible, but from morning until night, there is now a noticeable puffiness going on down there. Heartburn has also increased. Up until this point, only ketchup had given me mild heartburn, but now anything spicy does it to me. They say it goes away once the baby drops again, so I am waiting for that so that I can enjoy the spicy foods that I love once again.


Getting Things Ready September 6, 2011

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I have really been slacking on updating the blog, but instead of hashing over EVERYTHING since the last time I posted, I will just touch on a few things. My pregnancy is still going good, I will be 30 weeks tomorrow and this last part seems to be moving rather quickly. I do have some belly pics.  I’m 18 weeks in the 1st, 23 weeks in the 2nd, and 28 weeks in the 3rd picture. I obviously hit a belly growth spurt somewhere between 23 and 28 weeks, whew.  

Weight gained throughout:

21 weeks- 5 pounds(I was extremely nauseous until I hit 16 weeks, causing me to lose 8 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight)

25 weeks- 8 pounds

29 weeks- 13 pounds

We have made a few large purchases for Sydney which include the carseat and a pack ‘n play. Up until a few weeks ago all we had purchased were diapers and outfits.

I ordered the diaper bag today which took some prodding from Ralph to purchase and lots of thinking about on my part. I gave myself roughly 2 months to decide if it was really what I wanted. To make matters a little easier, Ralph said that it could be my anniversary gift since our anniversary is the 15th of this month, so that helped :). You are thinking, for a diaper bag? Well, here is the beauty queen herself. I think I might even have to name her, haha.

I'm still trying to maintain some sort of fitness level. I walk anywhere from 2.5-4 miles 4 to 5 times a week and lift light weights about twice a week. I have also been to one prenatal yoga class and really enjoyed it, so I plan to head back to the class next week and continue throughout the rest of my pregnancy. Other than that, I'm trying to eat as healthy as possible and the current mainstays in my diet are: eggs, egg whites, oatmeal, lots of fruit, greek yogurt, and anything carbalicious.