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Thoughts on Pregnancy Weight Gain October 4, 2011

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This post isn’t so much about me personally as it is about society’s mentality. I know that everywhere you go people view it differently and I’m not here to say what is right or wrong, just some thoughts….

First off, throughout my pregnancy, comments have been made like “You are so tiny”, ” are you eating?”, etc. Am I supposed to take that as a compliment or that I’m doing something wrong?

What happened to having a healthy baby being the most important thing? This all comes to a head as I see comments that people make about “stars” in the media, especially those that have battled an eating disorder in the past as I have. It makes me feel awful for the people being criticized and then wonder what kind of people are actually making these crude comments.  Since when did a number on the scale become the determinant of one’s self-worth and decide how you should feel about yourself that day. I continue to struggle everyday with that and as the weight has crept on while pregnant, it hasn’t been any easier. We are all bombarded by shows and magazine articles on how to shape up and lose weight, so is it just destined that we fall into the trap of thinking that what size someone is makes them any better than the next person? If we are not destined to have that thought process, how do we overcome it when it is something that is constantly being thrown at us?

What are your thoughts and/or experiences regarding this topic?


One Response to “Thoughts on Pregnancy Weight Gain”

  1. Babybopbop Says:

    i completely agree!i gained a lot of weight when i was pregnant mainly because eating was the only thing that helped the nausea at the beginning but it always annoyed me that i was consistently told to ‘eat more you are eating for two’ and i felt like saying no that is totally not healthy!really nice blog x

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