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Trucking Along October 20, 2011

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As I enter week 37 of my pregnancy, I am trying to stay as active as possible, believe it or not, it actually helps with the feet swelling, and “trying” to eat as healthy as possible. At my last appt. at 35 weeks on October 13 I had managed to put on 4 pounds within those last 2 weeks. I know that is completely normal, but that is the quickest gain I have had so far. That brought my total weight gain up to 20 pounds. So with only 5 weeks left, I’m hoping to just keep a steady pound a week momentum, though I know these things are sometimes out of our control.

As for my activity, my doctor has allowed me to walk again for exercise and I am now doing that 2-3 times a week, but not overdoing it and feeling like I have to do over 3 miles each time. Some days it is only 20 minutes, but it really feels amazing to be able to continue to exercise. I’m also making use of the stationary bike and this time around, it isn’t too bad, it still allows me to move my legs and at least get my heart pumping.

My sweet tooth seems to be becoming slightly more manageable. In an effort to decrease my simple sugar consumption, I am having a protein drink on the days that I workout (as soon as I get home) and I think that upping the protein is helping with it. That is definitely not saying that I don’t grab a fun-size Baby Ruth or a handful of chocolate chips daily, because that is still the case. Either Sydney just has my blood sugar so out of whack or she is going to be a child crazy for sweets, I hope it’s the former for her sake. I’ll have another update very soon as I have my last ultrasound tomorrow to determine how much she weighs, her position, and so forth.


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