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4 months and a 10-Miler March 17, 2012

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Today, my beautiful Sydney is 4 months old and I ran my first race since 2010.

We have still been struggling with naps, regardless of when I put her down, she just does not want to take them. She is still sleeping pretty well through the night at about 11-13 hours a night. Within the past few weeks she has started noticing everything around her and becomes easily distracted, especially while breastfeeding. My solution for it so far has been to take her to our darkened bedroom just so she will focus on eating as opposed to looking all around her. Last week, she started rolling from back to front at 16 weeks, but we are still working on front to back.

The run today— Surprisingly, I had a really good pace(for me) at 11 minutes a miles all of the way until Mile 6, when everything started going downhill. I had to go to bathroom badly and there was no port-a-potty until the finish line which made it very uncomfortable those last few miles. I had to walk up a hill around Mile 6.5 and my left knee started giving me trouble as I tried to run again. Once the knee started hurting, I was able to maybe run .20 more until I had to walk to the finish, ugh. I was very sad and had hoped to finish strong and running, but I guess it wasn’t the day for that. My goal was to finish though and I did, so I guess I can just wait until next time for a better finish.