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It’s Been a bit: Months 6-7 June 19, 2012

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Since my last post, Sydney began crawling just about a week after she turned 6 months and started pulling up onto furniture just one week after that. She just turned 7 months on Sunday and is working on perfecting her pulling up skills and scooting across furniture while standing. Way too soon if you ask me, but I knew she was a go-getter from the beginning.

Night sleep- About a week ago, she began having a dream feed around 9-10 and then sleeping through the night until 6 am, woo hoo :). We tried letting her go from 6 to 6, but she was still waking around 11 or 12 to eat, so we decided that we would rather feed her before we head to bed as opposed to being woken up by her within an hour after going to sleep. Next comes the sleeping through the night, officially. 

Naps- Still not perfect, but they have gotten better. We do have some days where she will take up to a 2 hour nap in one stint, but others they top off at 45 minutes. They are still pretty all over the place, but most times there isn’t 30 minutes of crazy crying beforehand. I think I have pretty much got her awake time down, but as always she is a bit unpredictable for naps, so from day to day, I really don’t know what to expect. As of 2 weeks ago, most days she is omitting the 3rd nap by crying in the crib the whole time, so we are working on that transition which won’t be ideal until the other 2 naps move a bit later and not leaving her awake for 5 hours before bed because her 2nd nap ended at 1 pm. 


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