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Almost 9 months August 11, 2012

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Our round of visitors are now gone after a fun 3 weeks. As anxious as I was about Sydney’s naps and so forth, things actually went relatively well and I think made me a little less anxious in general. ¬†Though we were basically transitioned down to 2 naps, we have had about a week of getting back into the swing of things with 3 30 minute naps. Some nights we have been able to get her down around 6:30 or so as opposed to 5:45 which makes for a nicer wake up. Today, she surprised us with nap #1 lasting 1 hour, 12 minutes and the 2nd nap lasting 40 ¬†minutes. I don’t anticipate them being like this from now on, but they are nice when she extends them just a little so that I can get something done :). She is still not walking, just pulling up on absolutely everything in sight, the tv stand, walls, cabinets, the stove, fridge, windowsills, etc.

Sydney has really turned into such a happy baby and we love to hear her laugh. She loves to play hide and seek and within the past week has really started babbling. She makes pa, Ba, da, and ga sounds almost all day long. She is very inquisitive and never sits still unless she is sleeping.