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Time is Dwindling Down October 6, 2010

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My intention is not to make this a sad and solemn post, but I just wanted everyone to know what has been on my mind lately, my husband’s deployment. As it approaches, you realize exactly how much time you have and how many weekends you have left, ugh. The good part is that you do have the time, but the bad part is that you can count the weekends on one hand.

Time is also dwindling down to the Rock N Roll San Antonio Half-Marathon that I am registered to run with my mom.¬† Though I can’t say exact dates, my husband is scheduled to leave very close to that date, so what is a girl to do? I made a promise that I would run the half with my mom, which is the reason why she even registered for it in the first place. If he leaves a few days beforehand, it will be no big deal and I will just hop on the plane, but if not, do I want to just wait and see or do what I had planned to do and say goodbye before I head to the race?

Those are just some of my thoughts. Aside from that, staying very busy with school and trying to eat as healthy as possible, as always, haha.


Haven’t been around September 10, 2010

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These past few weeks have been a whirlwind. We went on vacation for a week, then I went back to TX for a week to baby-sit my sisters.

While I was back home in San Antonio, my husband called to me that he just found out that he will be deploying again and he leaves in less than 2 months. That news came as a huge surprise as we were set to move to another location next Spring and he was in the middle of applying to graduate school. They pushed all of that aside because they need him, haha. So anyway, he leaves in early November for another year, he will have been home for 17 months since his last one when he leaves for this one. I made the decision to move back to San Antonio for a year after I graduate in December to work full-time and focus on trying to conceive with the doctor my mom used in SA.

Other than that, half-marathon training is still going well and I plan to still run the race in SA on November 14th unless my husband happens to be leaving the few days surrounding it. I couldn’t bear to not be here to say goodbye.