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It’s Been A Long Time August 8, 2011

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….. since my last post.

Well, tons has happened since last time I posted. My hubby deployed November 2010, the same day in which I ran the San Antonio Rock ‘N Roll half-marathon, and I am PREGNANT. I’m currently 25.5 weeks and due November 16, 2011. We have been trying for a few years and went through the whole IVF process, but luckily it worked the first time and here we are.

Since I found out that I was pregnant in early March, my running life has been curtailed. My workouts now exist of walking 3-4 times a week and doing the elliptical every so often. Due to the circumstances under which I got pregnant, I did not want to risk any potential complications so I have taken it easy up to this point

I will try to be around more often from here on out and document what I’m doing in terms of working out and attempting to eat healthy throughout the rest of my pregnancy :).


Time is Dwindling Down October 6, 2010

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My intention is not to make this a sad and solemn post, but I just wanted everyone to know what has been on my mind lately, my husband’s deployment. As it approaches, you realize exactly how much time you have and how many weekends you have left, ugh. The good part is that you do have the time, but the bad part is that you can count the weekends on one hand.

Time is also dwindling down to the Rock N Roll San Antonio Half-Marathon that I am registered to run with my mom.  Though I can’t say exact dates, my husband is scheduled to leave very close to that date, so what is a girl to do? I made a promise that I would run the half with my mom, which is the reason why she even registered for it in the first place. If he leaves a few days beforehand, it will be no big deal and I will just hop on the plane, but if not, do I want to just wait and see or do what I had planned to do and say goodbye before I head to the race?

Those are just some of my thoughts. Aside from that, staying very busy with school and trying to eat as healthy as possible, as always, haha.


Great Race, New PR for me September 26, 2010

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Early this morning I set out to run the Women’s Half-Marathon in Nashville. It was the inaugural race, so I was definitely excited to be a part of that.

The weather was cooler than it has been, so that was nice for a change, but once I started running multiple miles and the sun came out, I definitely heated up. I planned to start out slower than usual and work up to a faster pace.  My pace actually ended up being al over the place, with 1 mile at 10:42, another at 10:11, and a few in the 12s. Overall though, I accomplished what I set out to, which was to complete it faster than I ran my first half-marathon last November, and I DID, by 11 minutes. My overall time was 2:33:40 which I don’t think is bad for a relative newbie, :).

The expo gave out very cute shirts too which I will definitely wear on my training runs in the future, which is a nice change from some of the shirts I have seen.

One of the mistakes I made for my first one was eating basically no breakfast (a slice of ww toast with a slather of pb), so I didn’t make the same one this time. For dinner the night before, I ate spaghetti and a few meatballs and tried to finish my bowl (restaurant serving), but I managed to eat about 2/3 of it before I was very full.

This morning, I ate a cinnamon raisin bagel with roughly 1 1/2 Tbs. pb and I feel like that held me over pretty well. I downed a pack of powergel chews on the run as well along with lots of water.

Overall, I am very happy with my performance and have realized that proper fueling and hydration is more important than I ever thought it would be. I definitely have more to learn and will keep looking for the perfect fit for me.

What fuels you before a long race/run?