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Heartburn Anyone? October 11, 2011

Filed under: heartburn,pregnancy — tiffers81 @ 5:45 pm

As much as I was not intending for this blog to be completely about my pregnancy, that seems to be all that I am doing at this point, hehe.

As of last week, I was still able to walk outside or on the treadmill for exercise, but I began to have what I would call “extreme” pelvic pressure while doing so. As much as I just wanted to brush it off an press on, my mom advised me to call my doctor and see if that was normal. I called them and turns out that it is normal, but he strongly suggested that I switch to a stationary bike or water aerobics for exercise. I was very disappointed as I have missed running so much, now I can’t even go for a walk? But then I thought about the fact that I don’t want to go into labor at 34 weeks, so for Sydney’s sake, I will refrain.

Has anyone else had serious heartburn caused by almost everything? Any tips/tricks that might assist me aside from popping multiple Tums a day?

On to heartburn, um yes, everything seems to give it to me these days. I’m normally a huge fan of spicy food– I love hot salsas, wing sauce, etc. I swear that raw bellpeppers gave me heartburn yesterday, is that even possible? They say that the heartburn does get better within the next few weeks, fingers crossed, so I’m waiting for that day. Throughout my entire pregnancy, ketchup has actually given me heartburn, weird.

As opposed to complaining and moaning about it though, I’m going to press on and avoid heartburn-inducing foods as much as possible.