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4 months and a 10-Miler March 17, 2012

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Today, my beautiful Sydney is 4 months old and I ran my first race since 2010.

We have still been struggling with naps, regardless of when I put her down, she just does not want to take them. She is still sleeping pretty well through the night at about 11-13 hours a night. Within the past few weeks she has started noticing everything around her and becomes easily distracted, especially while breastfeeding. My solution for it so far has been to take her to our darkened bedroom just so she will focus on eating as opposed to looking all around her. Last week, she started rolling from back to front at 16 weeks, but we are still working on front to back.

The run today— Surprisingly, I had a really good pace(for me) at 11 minutes a miles all of the way until Mile 6, when everything started going downhill. I had to go to bathroom badly and there was no port-a-potty until the finish line which made it very uncomfortable those last few miles. I had to walk up a hill around Mile 6.5 and my left knee started giving me trouble as I tried to run again. Once the knee started hurting, I was able to maybe run .20 more until I had to walk to the finish, ugh. I was very sad and had hoped to finish strong and running, but I guess it wasn’t the day for that. My goal was to finish though and I did, so I guess I can just wait until next time for a better finish.


14 weeks February 22, 2012

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For the past 3 weeks or so, it has been difficult to get Sydney to even calm down and take a nap on me. Around the time that started, I began reading baby books trying to figure out how to get her to nap either in her playpen or her crib so that I could get a chance to do something while Ralph was at work. We tried putting her in her crib for about 2 weeks and regardless of how we approached it, a lot of crying was involved and it was just extremely exhausting overall. I know that it wont be easy, but I am half-hoping she will grow out of it or in the next few weeks we will try it again with hopefully less crying involved. I love my little girl to pieces and hearing her cry just breaks my heart. She goes down very well at night and typically sleeps for 11-12 hours waking once, maybe twice to nurse.

** On a different note, starting Monday evening it is as if she is going through a growth spurt. She was up every 2.5 hours nursing that night and for the past 2 days she has been nursing every 2 hours or so. Of course it just so happens that Ralph is out of town, so that makes me one tired momma, though it hasn’t been quite as difficult as I thought it would be for me without him.


Checking In January 16, 2012

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At this point, Sydney is 8weeks and 4 days old and things have definitely changed. Since about week 6, the crying from 9 pm to 1 am has ceased and I’m not exactly sure why. Was it gassiness all along? I will admit that I wasn’t the best burper in the world and still am not, but I have been working on it and manage to now pat her harder in an attempt to get a burp out. The whole time I was just afraid of hitting her too hard. She now goes to sleep around 9 pm every evening and if a little fussiness persists, we will give her a pacifier and if all attempts fail and we know she needs sleep, we will bring in the Swaddle Me. I’m not a fan of the swaddler whatsoever because I feel it looks like she is in a straightjacket, but if it gives her a few hours of really good, much needed sleep, then I am ok with it on occasion. Over the past 8 1/2 weeks, we have had to use it maybe 10 times or so, which isn’t too bad.

The sleep factor has gotten much better for us, we are now able to sleep for at least two 4 to 5 hours intervals at night. That pattern is much easier to keep up than being up every 2 hours to feed or even every 3 1/2 hours. At this point in time though, Sydney is having trouble going down for naps. She has no problem falling asleep and staying asleep in my arms, but once I stand up to put her down or put her down, her eyes pop wide open and she is wailing within minutes. As a result, I get absolutely nothing done besides eat breakfast and lunch while my husband is at work. She currently does not like going in her swing while awake and doesn’t like the baby carrier, so that leaves me holding her in my arms all day long, which makes for a very tiring day.

I plan to work on a few new tactics this week for naps in hopes that I can get something done, whether it be an exercise DVD or cleaning the bathroom, anything. Sydney’s 2 month checkup is tomorrow and I am very excited to see how much she has grown, but a little nervous about the fact that she will be receiving her first round of shots. Fingers crossed that all goes well.


Super Busy December 11, 2011

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Since having my daughter on November 17, 2011, the last 3 weeks have been a whirlwind. The days and nights run together and I’m pretty sure the lack of sleep doesn’t help with keeping things straight, haha. I haven’t had a full nights’ rest since November 15, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. She is the most wonderful blessing that we could have ever asked for. My reading now consists of books such as “Breastfeeding Made Simple”, “Happiest Baby on the Block”, and “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby.” I now have to plan “to-do’s” between her feedings and naps such as writing thank you notes and taking a shower.

I chose to breastfeed and though the first week and a half involved countless crying sessions, I’m glad that I stuck with it and it has definitely become much easier now that we are 3 1/2 weeks in. She still favors one side, but luckily I have been able to produce enough from one side alone to keep her happy and have her gaining on average 10 oz a week. I go to the lactation center every Monday to check her weight to make sure that she is gaining what she needs to be.

Other than that, I lost all of my pregnancy weight plus some 9 days postpartum (26 lbs) and am now in the process of trying to tone things back up because some things are a little looser and flabbier than they were pre-pregnancy. In order to begin running again, I started the C25K program and am currently on week one. I’m taking things easy because I did have a 2nd degree laceration and did have to be stitched up, so until I get the all clear in 3 weeks at my ob appt., I’ll take it one step at a time :).


Boot Help…. Wide Calf Boots October 24, 2011

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Every fall I receive catalogs and emails from my favorite stores i.e. Ann Taylor/Loft, Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s, etc. with these beautiful knee boots (as I call them). I definitely find quite a few that I would love to own, but I have one problem, larger than average calves. I guess my legs themselves tend to be larger on average, so in turn my calves are as well. The frustrating part is that I’m not even a plus size, but my larger than life calves limit my fashion possibilities.

I have googled wide-calf boots and found a few websites which cater to the more shapely calf, haha, but for the most part, the boots tend to be on the more frumpy side, not the stylish ones that I see my favorite retailers selling.

If anyone out there has this same dilemma, please lend a girl a hand and let me know where I can find a stylish, trendy pair of wider calf boots :). 

Cute ones like these seen here maybe 🙂 :


Trucking Along October 20, 2011

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As I enter week 37 of my pregnancy, I am trying to stay as active as possible, believe it or not, it actually helps with the feet swelling, and “trying” to eat as healthy as possible. At my last appt. at 35 weeks on October 13 I had managed to put on 4 pounds within those last 2 weeks. I know that is completely normal, but that is the quickest gain I have had so far. That brought my total weight gain up to 20 pounds. So with only 5 weeks left, I’m hoping to just keep a steady pound a week momentum, though I know these things are sometimes out of our control.

As for my activity, my doctor has allowed me to walk again for exercise and I am now doing that 2-3 times a week, but not overdoing it and feeling like I have to do over 3 miles each time. Some days it is only 20 minutes, but it really feels amazing to be able to continue to exercise. I’m also making use of the stationary bike and this time around, it isn’t too bad, it still allows me to move my legs and at least get my heart pumping.

My sweet tooth seems to be becoming slightly more manageable. In an effort to decrease my simple sugar consumption, I am having a protein drink on the days that I workout (as soon as I get home) and I think that upping the protein is helping with it. That is definitely not saying that I don’t grab a fun-size Baby Ruth or a handful of chocolate chips daily, because that is still the case. Either Sydney just has my blood sugar so out of whack or she is going to be a child crazy for sweets, I hope it’s the former for her sake. I’ll have another update very soon as I have my last ultrasound tomorrow to determine how much she weighs, her position, and so forth.


Heartburn Anyone? October 11, 2011

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As much as I was not intending for this blog to be completely about my pregnancy, that seems to be all that I am doing at this point, hehe.

As of last week, I was still able to walk outside or on the treadmill for exercise, but I began to have what I would call “extreme” pelvic pressure while doing so. As much as I just wanted to brush it off an press on, my mom advised me to call my doctor and see if that was normal. I called them and turns out that it is normal, but he strongly suggested that I switch to a stationary bike or water aerobics for exercise. I was very disappointed as I have missed running so much, now I can’t even go for a walk? But then I thought about the fact that I don’t want to go into labor at 34 weeks, so for Sydney’s sake, I will refrain.

Has anyone else had serious heartburn caused by almost everything? Any tips/tricks that might assist me aside from popping multiple Tums a day?

On to heartburn, um yes, everything seems to give it to me these days. I’m normally a huge fan of spicy food– I love hot salsas, wing sauce, etc. I swear that raw bellpeppers gave me heartburn yesterday, is that even possible? They say that the heartburn does get better within the next few weeks, fingers crossed, so I’m waiting for that day. Throughout my entire pregnancy, ketchup has actually given me heartburn, weird.

As opposed to complaining and moaning about it though, I’m going to press on and avoid heartburn-inducing foods as much as possible.